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Roundtrip shuttle bus transfer from Riga to Rundale castle
Saistīts attēls

On the 13th of July

International Early Music Festival

We offer roundtrip shuttle bus transfer from Riga to Rundale castle

To Rundale:
  • Departure from Aspazijas boulevard 5, Riga, at 11:00 AM (you will be in Rundale at around 12:30 PM)
  • Departure from Aspazijas boulevard 5, Riga, at 16:00 PM (you will be in Rundale at around 17:30 PM)
Back to Riga:
  • Departure from Rundale castle at 20:00 PM 
  • Departure from Rundale castle after the last concert (around midnight)
Total price: 20 EUR / for a person
Price includes a roundtrip and the group coordinator.

To purchase the trip contact us via e-mail: info@skaistieskati.lv
Please specify which time slot is the most suitable for you. 

* Take it into consideration that the tickets to the concerts do not include entrance in the other parts of the castle. Additional information about the entrance fee you can find here
** All the information about the concert program and tickets you can find here

About the International Early Music Festival -
Stands among the most sophisticated cultural happenings in Latvia; the concerts are held in the Medieval Riga churches and concert halls, as well as Rundale Palace –  a brilliant Baroque palace. 
The festival brings back the masterpieces by Purcell, Vivaldi, Telemann, Gluck, Handel and other Baroque masters. There are gorgeous outfits, authentic instruments, all performed among Baroque architecture and interiors. Thousands usually flock to the closing concert in Rundale Palace Park - in the fragrance of blooming roses.

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